Ei: Re​-​mastered

by Bleach For The Stars

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released May 11, 2017



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Bleach For The Stars Harwich, UK

Grotesque post-industrial noise, obsidian atmospheres of despair & holocaustic avant-garde poetry accompanied by one of the nastiest vocal deliveries ever haemorrhaged out of a bleach-corroded throat.

There’s no humour in this, just the cold of an Eastern gallows, bitter as all dead love.

Blood-shod; hauling a bergen of skinned dreams up the raw foothills of Gehenna... and towards catharsis.
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Track Name: At The Start
At The Start

Bring me up lines of light
Into the heart that lies behind
Along the beams that hang the head
To see the seas that split the sky
To seize the glass that cuts the howl
Against the stars that stop the thought
And stare the drops that start a dream
That trusts the sound above the sight
That feels the sound in other things

That cross the bar that crosses space
With all the spaces that forget
To sing that song that spins the hope
That seals the hole that stores the bleach

Inside old stings that tear the windows out of time
To drag the dark back into eyes
That try to cling against the walls
That bleed each breath that makes the noise
Around the sight that chews the face
Cracked into cries that pin the notes
Between black spines that shape the skin
That stitches teeth around the light
That shows the pain
That shows the pain

That leaves these words beyond the reach
Of all the tongues that coat their drain
And leaves me free to dream the sun
Back down these desperate miles again
And leaves me free…
And leaves me free…
Track Name: Cut

What do you read beyond my motley tongue?
The bitter music loosed, as fits a fool.
All lessons now unlearned and thoughts undone.

Or maybe, as I droop, unwinding spools
Of common words torn off in abject jest
You bludgeon me with pity's blackened tool.

I bristle at the static in my chest.
Know how to swallow night inside my skin
And puke up knee-deep dreams at your behest.

This garish logic dribbles, but begins
To squirt fresh spoor over some wretched end.
My crooked mind corrected in each grin.

Will you still fault me for my framework then?
Better to bleed my spirits than for ash.
One vessel's worth is all I wish to tend.

Somewhere between the bawdy and the brash
Bright teeth string neon lightning over graves
And bulbs of tender bone sprout fire and flash.

This is my trick, in every penny paid.
Insanity perhaps, but not afraid.
Track Name: Kyrielle

Carving a carcass from the flesh of time
I ate the rotten bread and drank the wine
And thought of what the bones imply.
I sang but God did not reply.

I found a silver cord to stitch the day
But bloody palms were aching to betray.
As sadness shrunk the needle’s eye
I sang but God did not reply.

Scentless flowers rose to bite the shade
As serpents tore the blossoms into blades.
All in the garden heard their sigh
I sang but God did not reply.

Out in the dust I read the faith of flies
Sprawling across the sun with sacred lies
And went to warn the passers-by
I sang but God did not reply.

I wandered far across a field of hate
Plagued by the Word that forms to desecrate.
As greying clouds eroded sky
I sang but God did not reply.

And there amidst the ruin and the waste
I found the truth that leaves such bitter taste:
Always the deepest dreams will die.
I sang but God did not reply.
Track Name: Rudiments

I am
Black wood bent under black stone
Thoughts of shore-shell and kicked sand
Harried by a sharpened hand
One wish short of a wishbone

I am
Closer than the stars to night
A stream breathing turpentine
Often a knot in the vine
The first death of the last light

I am
One word stretching over time
A drum beat preserved in glass
This thin wind shaving the grass
That mutter of mangled rhyme

I am
Ash falling across skinned meat
As blunt as a bloody snow
A harp string tricked to a bow
Other shoes on other feet

I am
An affordable taboo
A headache without a head
Still better if left unsaid
Honest as all burning blue

And what is not me is you
Track Name: Thread

Frail seconds beating loss along bone seas.
Scabbed days that scrape the back of every breath.
Bent spines of blade light creased on concrete trees.
Each tongue of slit sound buried inside death.
The spittle hands that hack down into dirt.
Those throbs of asphalt swelling up scarred eyes.
Their savage silence thrusting holes through hurt.
Lice lips hooked in the raping out of cries.
Dusk litters dreams with pulled teeth and with tar.
Beneath a rash of red sky skinned smiles twitch.
Our hearts held vital under acid stars.
With everything of warmth ripped fingers stitch.
This withered world should never be so true.
But through its cold ash I will still love you.
Track Name: Prey

We trotted through the ash of morning's cold
Where in the East the lung-soiled sun was spat
And dribbled down a butchered sky like fat.
By yesterday's design not all grow old.

I wish I could begin with fuller tones
But love shot one last cartridge from its gun
In goaded fire let the dawn be done
And dragged our furs before its famished throne.

Summer and winter hold the same mark's lies.
Something is screaming, baring chipped, grey teeth
Its hind limbs broken, trapped in iron grief
And snowfalls stake its passing deep inside.

A carnal whim is diced on whetted will.
The warmth of bled flesh melting on a spine
Prepared for others' feasts in better times.
The hunters gathered, straining for their fill.

And afterwards, in gristle and with bone,
And all the wasted lights that writhe to rot
One wonders never how, or why, or what
The haruspex's auger sets on stone.

Perhaps divining noble art in pain.
Likewise to suffer hushed, a beast in place.
I am, though, far beneath reflection's face.
No longer human, if no less humane.
Track Name: Stirred

In the holes beneath thought, beneath all blue
Words and grey words - just words in night - I still
Remember nineteen-ninety-six. I do

Not think it with the same shapes, and the shrill
Air is only an ash with his opaque
Words and grey words. Just words? In night I still

My sounding head for the heart’s cry, to shake
Back from the beat of what, drifting over
Air, is only an ash. With his opaque

Hands held like pieces of flame, time’s drover
Drenched in his own certainty, herds us all
Back from the beat. Of what drifting, over

What torn skies does this light, still stinging, fall
Cold? I dream only as I ask does he
Drenched in his own. Certainty herds us all

Towards the dim west of will so we see
In the holes beneath thought, beneath all, blue
Cold. I dream, only as I ask: does he
Remember nineteen-ninety-six? I do.
Track Name: Sayings

I saw a red river mixed with the seeping sun
Say with its red water that all is done
And say, in my own voice, ‘all now is done.’
I saw a red river.

Mixed with the seeping sun, blue sentences of dust
Whispered out their singed ‘no’ with soft disgust
Settled like cores of night and that disgust
Mixed with the seeping sun.

Blue sentences of dust where old lights go to die
Cherry blossom falling from stone-pierced eyes
Rots on that rust-ripe rock that grinds from eyes
Blue sentences of dust.

Where old lights go to die stacked stars guard at the gate
Cling to an echo’s edge and speak of fate
Their bent lips knowing bones – they know their fate
Where old lights go to die.

Stacked stars guard at the gate where the red river flows.
Beyond its broken hands the blue dust blows.
Within its broken sun the blood clot grows
Where the red river flows
Till only the red river flows.
Till only the red river flows.
Track Name: Wisp

A hooded dawn approached me with the stink
Of sweat. Its mangled sinews bumbled through
The East. It spread cold, cobalt lips to drink

Down everything that was my friend. That blue
Mouth, always sucking at his sound. In night
I dreamt again of dirty wings and knew

That there would be no meaning for this light.
No more sweetness that is not stitched by flies
And nothing to heal. I cannot rewrite

His melody. His breath is ash. This sky
Hacked up his being. Every atom spent
To further the addiction of our lies

And hollow prayers, and endless, stained descent.
The axe man swings. He ends. Day has begun
Bloody and torn, and trailing my lament.

His life lost shames a hundred thousand won.
And if I could, I would cancel the sun.
Track Name: Erysichthon By Dusk
Erysichthon By Dusk

I loved you to the colour of the rain,
I loved you for the shedding of my blame,
I loved you for the person I was not,
Unviolated words; my coil unwrought.

I loved you for the speech I could not find;
The thick, incessant dronings of a mind,
The sharpest reaches of my shivered crawl;
That shore of nothing, where your sense held all.

Before the cracking of a garish soul,
Together where my lips spoke less with coal,
Together in the tongues that held that blaze
Along the splinters of uncertain days.

I loved you for the loves I have not known;
Devalued memories stretching back alone.
You layered soft kindling as sick fires died
And steel thoughts gashed the light and ground inside.

The conscious breath that bore some brighter place
Far, deep beyond my blunted gutter’s waste,
I loved you for the beacon you clasped safe
Against the writhings of a ruptured space.

I loved you for the lines I will not write
As entropy wrenched skin across the night,
An utterance of glass, a carnal scream,
The blind cadenza of senescent dreams.

I loved you to the boundaries of my taste,
The gnawing rites that ratify disgrace,
Chained silence in those woods of outer stone,
The hours seeping past through stapled bone.

I loved you for all love without played words,
Those machinations felt; those keenings heard,
Vibrations dimmed, the slow, strange longing true,
One river bitten from ungarnished blue.

I loved you for the sanctity of friends,
An only kindness poured on colder ends,
I loved you past all sigils and shaped forms
-That primal cleaving and the void re-torn.

My expiation drained, I hold no grace;
No largess dripping cleansed day on your face,
My meanings scourged, my motion stripped of choice,
A scraped-out self, oblivion in voice.

I miss you in the numbed hues of that rain,
The edges of each second spliced with pain.
I miss you for the wisdom lost at will.
I miss you for all sight, and miss you still.